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We spend a lot of time buffing and polishing the bike. Then once a year, the bike goes through inspection and some wrench slaps that ugly sticker on the front fork. The sad part is, year after year, the fork goes through the abuse of trying to remove the old sticker, leaving you with scratches and goo on the tube. BikerBrackets has a solution to this problem. Our Inspection Sticker Plate.


Our Inspection Sticker Plates are designed
for all late model Cruisers:
Yamaha - Suzuki - Honda -
Harley Davidson
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This plate allows you to locate the inspection sticker where you see fit. The bracket has been sized to fit most all standard style inspection stickers. You can mount it flush or bend the tab over for an offset style.

You'll get the bracket, an aluminum pop rivet (use if required) and installation instructions. It comes as a 1/8" brushed aluminum plate The surface dimensions are 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" and has two holes for mounting. At the top is a 1/8" hole for an aluminum pop rivet we provide for states that require the plate to be permanently affixed to the bike. The other hole is 8mm clearance for mounting to the location of your choice. A sample is seen to the right of this text.

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This site has accessories for these Cruiser Style Bikes : Honda - Kawasaki
Suzuki - Yamaha - Harley Davidson


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