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Cruiser Kick-Out Pegs

I just thought I would drop you a note that I got my pegs and have them installed. They worked out great. I did do a couple things that I thought I would tell you about. I can't seem to leave things well enough alone! I put a spring washer under the pivot bolt head and replaced the steel flat washer with a nylon one. It gave me a smoother movement and more range of adjustment in the tension. I also put o-rings in the grooves to keep my foot from slipping on the peg. Like I said they work great!
Ride safe,
Denny Rowlison


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Reviewed by:Ed - Keene, NH
Reviewed for: Cruiser Kick-Out Pegs - Royal Star
Used for: 1-6 months

Review Summary:
Dear Biker Brackets,
Just a short note regarding your kick-out pegs...THEY ARE GREAT...I'm 5'10"...I ride a 2004 Royal Star Venture...which the pegs fits perfectly on
by the way. I would have had a long stretch if I mounted highway pegs on the little engine guards that are stock on my bike. It makes touring so much
better. The price was exceptional...especially when you compare to other types of pegs and their cost.

Thank you,
Ed from Keene, NH

Reviewed by:cupcars from delphi forums
Reviewed for: Cruiser Kick-Out Pegs - V Star
Used for: 1-6 months

Review Summary:

These "Cruiser kick out pegs" are the bomb!! I never really wanted to put pegs on my highway bars and with these, I don't have to! Very comfortable to the legs. Best of all you can fold them back under the floorboards and their hardly
visible. Atta boy Jeff.


I installed these on my VN 1500 and they work great. I love how they let me stretch out on long rides. It's nice to be able to fold them away too. A great addition to the Vulcan.
Thanks Dave Page - Cocoa, FL

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