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There are two ways to deploy the Pegs. One method, you can just slip your foot under the end of the peg and tip it out. Another method is to reach down and simply pull them out. Naturally it's safest to deploy the pegs while the bike is stopped. Once intitially flipped out, you can set them by just pushing them the rest of the way out with your foot. The machine tooled stop peg we include, is an absolute point for the peg to pivot and stop. The stops provide you assurance of peg deployment. To retract them, simply kick them in with your heels.

As shown on Kawasaki Vulcan


The pegs are retained via the clamping force between the pivot bolt / washer and nylon lock nut assembly. When the pivot bolt is tightened down, the interfearence pressure holds the Peg in place (both retracted and deployed). A large fender washer acts as a bearing surface for the peg to pivot on.
Our pegs come with full installation instructions.


As shown on Kawasaki Vulcan

Cruiser Kick-Out Description
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