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Introducing the Equalizer


BikerBrackets.com has developed an awesome product for Metric Sport and Cruiser bikes with mono shock, swing arm suspension systems. BIG BOAR Air Ride EQUALIZER (EQ) IS IT. This is the most advanced system available. This is the "ONLY" system available for spectrum of model applications we offer.

This is a custom application, specifically designed for those who demand more control over rebound and ride comfort. We have innovated another option for our customers, proving we are "THE" Air Ride Technology industry leader.

Taking the lead from our Sport Bike crowd, our freinds Tricked Out Custom Cycles (check out the King Kawasaki from the "see what happened here' page) challenged us to improve our already awesome ride. Customers were demanding the ability to lock in the ride height and suppress rebound. This design begs custom bikes with extended swing arms to achieve the quest for performance. This hot new design, is unmatched for quality.

Click to see system Picture

Improved control characteristics employs an additional micro-valve configuration which allows us to have total control over ride height and rebound. Our already awesome standard G4 BIG BOAR was also developed for use in this application; to enhance performance and stabilize pogo effect developed from stretched swing arms. These custom designs develop a moment arm that works as a lever on the system. Think of a teeter totter. The further out the weight, the more influence on the relay arm and suspension assembly. When the swing arm is stretched, a fulcrum is developed. These custom changes, demand more power and control than the stock shock can deliver. At 100 PSI we manage over 750 pounds of force. Our Air Lock EQ is the most advanced system on the market today.

Operation is easy...
With our dual toggle switch design, simply flip both switches up to raise the bike. Next, use the main toggle again, to lock in the piston position. Finally, use either toggle to adjust the locked in rebound comfort. From soft to firm, it's that easy. Oppose the switches, to drop the bike all the way down.

If you are on the edge, needing a custom slam... If you demand performance and want a kit that will single you out of the crowd, giving your bike that, "Ride Like No Other" look, STOP and go no further. The "BIG BOAR" Air Ride-EQ, is your answer.

The overall lift from dead bottom to full top is a big 5". Measured from the bottom of the rear fender, to the center of the rear axle with a drop capability that buries the tire into the fender. Engineered to provide a full pelt slam with a safety clearance buffer built in. Completely adjustable at every level in between for your personal preference, this feature allows the rider to set the bike all the way down experiencing a rigid (hard tail) style ride while also providing widest lift range for ride comfort.


We are simply the market leaders for options within this technology. No one in the Industry can offer the choices for Air Ride, that, BikerBrackets can.

Our systems have a triple threat seal that’s unmatched in the market. A friction ring embedded between the piston seals to provide leading edge technology in this industry. And a stop gap quad seal. The most effective design to reduce leaking and bypass. Internally lubricated to prevent wear and premature seal failure. A full ¾” threaded rod end to prevent rod end to clevis, relay arm support failures. We have spent the time, we have developed the product and we know the technology.

Don't bother searching anywhere else. You will NOT find our product diversity in any other market application. Our design will work in 90% of the Metric - Sport and Cruiser Bike applications.

By "BIG BOAR", we mean cylinder bore size. We use the largest air cylinder bore, you can possibly get into the stock-shock cavity. We tool our standard cylinders to get a custom fit providing maximum lift performance and minimal pump stress. Our unique clevis design fits the rod end of the cylinder attaching it to the relay arm, for a secure connection.

The looks you'll get from this kit will be amazing

Dana D'Oench's MetricTV's creation. (Using BIG BOAR Air Ride)

Our Motorcycle suspension kit, the Big Boar Air Ride-EQ, is for the following Metric - Sport and Cruiser style bikes:
1999 and newer:

- Sport Bikes! No One else covers these bikes! Our HOT New Design fits:
- Suzuki Hayabusa and GSXR
- Honda CBR

- Kawasaki ZX6, ZX9, ZX10, ZX12
- Yamaha

- Yamaha VStar-1100 Classic & Custom
- Yamaha Road Star
And our latest kits for the
Suzuki Intruder 1500 LC, Boulevard, C90, C50
- Kawasaki Vulcan VN 800 and 400

Check out the pics pages for the latest applications and our purchase pages to order.

See the lowered and lifted effect below

The BIG BOAR-EQ puts stability and control back into the suspension.

What we provide:
This kit will include all the components you will need to install the BIG BOAR Air Ride. Major components include: the lift cylinder, high quality air pump and valves, mounting clevis, all tubing and fittings, additional hardware, control panel with switches to adjust height (both up and down) and wiring harness.

BikerBrackets prides itself on releasing all it's products with complete (end to end) instructions and the Big Boar EQ is no exception. We provide detailed instructions to assist with disassembly and installation of this kit.

On a scale from 1 to 10, this kit is about a 5 for most mechanics. Installers should have a means to lift the motorcycle and be mechanically inclined enough to remove a series of approximately 15 nuts and or bolts. This kit installs easily and takes approximately two and a half hours to install. You can do it yourself or take the kit to a local shop as our instructions are for most
average skilled mechanics.

Purchasing is simple and easy from BikerBrackets. Just hit the "purchase" link below or from the "mouse over" menus on the upper left of your screen, and select which option you prefer,

After you pay, we will process and prepare your order for shipment. We use "on demand" manufacturing. All our systems are custom assembled. The supply chain, can take up to 15 business days to process, assemble, QC test and deliver the order to you. Generally it's sooner, but our business model is to level set expectations and try to deliver earlier.

Click to see more Sport Bike Pics

2004 Honda CBR 600

Get the look and feel you want. Turn heads, make the bike closer to the custom style you have been looking for. Set the height to fully slammed for show, while parked or even boulevard cruising. Get on the open road and pump up the fully adjustable ride for comfortable highway traveling. On the fly adjustments that allow a full 5" of travel and ability to stop anywhere in between. You set the height and ride comfort. This is the most universal system available for Cruisers and Sport Bikes.



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Whether you want to set the bike up for custom shows, boulevard cruising or just need to be able to have more flexibility and control over the suspension be it added weight or performance, Bikerbrackets offers custom features you won't find anywhere else. We have spent the time, we have developed the product and we know the technology. You demand the best.

Biker Brackets proudly markets value to the builder. Giving you the best possible price for not just the base systems, research your options then select the best, the original, the reliable, the affordable, the one and only, BIG BOAR Air Ride, from www.bikerbrackets.com today!

We are a feature sponsor to Metric Revolution Builders and know what the market demand is. We have worked with the Builders and understand the requirements.

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Unmatched quality in design and value. Bikerbrackets.com is offering this kit as our newest system line-up. Our retail on this item is hundreds below our competitors We have built in several design features that are just awesome.


- Biggest lift capacity on the market. Hence the term BIG BOAR. We have stuffed the largest air lift cylinder possible, in the shock cavity.

- Built in safety height.  Our mounting clevis ensures no drop out failures using the stock Dog Bones. Unique to BIG BOAR.

- Custom toggle switch controls.  Adjust our Air Ride through advanced micro valve technology. Our sleek, compact, all electronic design puts the valves and pump conveniently located in a central location. No manual valves. Control the entire system with our toggle switch panel design. Push both switches up to actuate the pump and raise the bike. Push the main toggle up again to "LOCK" the height in. Use either switch again to adjust rebound comfort.

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